These times are burdened by uncertainty, …certainly.  The shining-light that has come from this pandemic?… eating animals, equals pandemics.  Herein, we have a chance to educate more individuals; and, perhaps, they may rethink:  how & what… they eat.  At this time, …due to CoViD-19… there is an increased momentum for meatless dining.  Calamity is unfortunate; but, since it is here, perhaps an equally beneficial consequence will follow… may the seriousness of our present momentum, sad as it is, be the tour de force that swings us into a vegan world.

Adhering to pandemic protocols, is not subject to personal preference.  Essentially, pandemic protocols are no different than speed-laws on the highway.  Yes, someone -other than you- made a ruling that is inconvenient for you.    Obey the ruling… do it for your land… do it for your people… do it for your own karmic self-respect (what you do unto others, will be done unto you).  The more frequently masks are seen in public, the more worthy the ruling will appear; and, our citizenry will feel more safely-unified, due to socially-common customs.  Please wear the mask & gloves; play the game of social distancing… do it for us, your neighbors… the friendly ones, who will give you space to change lanes, so you can make your exit, and be on-time, somewhere.  Less ME, more WE.  Together… we can get through this.  Together… we are stronger.