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As we come into the holidays, please create a compassionate one.  Share with family, friends and colleagues delicious vegan foods.  Let us change the script for holidays. 

Let’s insure that we are giving thanks in the best way…leaving animals off our plates. Celebrate with life, not death.


November is World Vegan Month and there is lots to celebrate. Huge inroads have been made into Mainstream America, making veganism ever more popular and well known. 

November 1st is celebrated as World Vegan Day to spread the benefits of consuming a plant-based diet. More and more people are adopting a vegan lifestyle around the world. Environmental concerns and animal welfare are two of the biggest motivations for the rise of veganism.


We are excited to announce our Movie Series. Our first movie is, Animals: A Parallel History.  This is a special showing courtesy of the film maker, director, Stevan Zivkov Andricin.

9201 Montgomery Blvd. NE, S. 601, ABQ, NM

Seating is limited.


Please save the date and join us at the virtual Red & Green VegFest Albuquerque, Vegan Living.


Check out the webpage 

Red & Green VegFest Albuquerque | Vegan Living (wordpress.com).

Taking the life, of an animal’s beating heart, …is a grotesque expression, of …getting in the animal’s way.

The fact is, nobody is going to live:  forever – in this world.  Therefore, people ‘want what they want’ while they are here, in the world.  That is one reason why I look for ways to make vegan food be …delicious… and easily available for every meal of the day, every day.  I wish for everyone’s taste-buds to be intensely satisfied by how their food tastes.  Carnivores may hesitate to believe it; but, a balanced vegan-diet, is the most enjoyable food.   So, I have determined that your plants will taste, not only good …but much much better …than blood ever could. 

Speaking of ‘difficulty as motivation’ …during the pandemic, sales of vegan-food have increased by *265%.  Clearly, more people are turning to ‘plants’ for nutrition, while steering away from animal products.  Also, another theory appears to be verified:  one’s own suffering, can lead one, into compassion & wisdom.   

These are stressful times, for many.  Worries are not just ‘sickness and death’ …but money, family, work, sanity, and on and on.  Therefore, this is a time when we must be empathetic, gentle, respectful, and loving.  You never know for sure, whether a word -spoken by a calm and patient demeanor- may:  dawn an earthly paradise; save one single desperate life; or, simply, encourage someone to not ‘give-up’ on humanity.  We are one human-race …one animal-kingdom …one planet.  When one-small hurts …the ONE-ALL hurts. 

Fundraising Campaign


We are asking for your help so that we can continue assisting our community and continue with our programs to help our community understand and learn about veganism, it is not just a diet, it is a social movement, and we can continue inspiring individuals with the funds we are looking to raise. 

Would you be willing to donate to help us reach our goals?

If you wish to contribute, please don’t hesitate to contact us or give us a call at [505.332.0446]. You can go to our Support page to make a donation/contribution.

Every donation/contribution makes a difference and takes us one step closer to building a more compassionate community! Thank you in advance for your consideration.

A Great Big Thank YOU!


Sprouting Compassion is very appreciative of one of our own board members, Tammy Fiebelkorn, for her fundraising campaign, Sweets for your Sweet!  Which was a wonderful success. We are so happy to have her in this organization.

We also want to thank the community which made this campaign, Sold Out!

This was our initial fundraiser for Sprouting Compassion, which funds the Red & Green VegFest Albuquerque and other programs to help with our goal to greatly expand education on veganism as a social justice movement.

Thank You Tammy for all the work you do for the animals and your wonderful support!

Tammy Fiebelkorn



Looking for something special to give your Valentine this year? Or, maybe you just want some sweets to eat yourself on this made-up holiday?

Either way – I’ve got you covered! I’m doing a fundraiser for Sprouting Compassion. I’ll bake you mini-cupcakes (vanilla) or heart-shaped sugar cookies in exchange for a donation to Sprouting Compassion. I’m donating all the ingredients, so your donation goes directly to the great work of Sprouting Compassion (including the Red & Green VegFest and other vegan education opportunities)

The mini-cupcakes come in a decorative box with 5 cupcakes. Suggested donation is $8 per box.

The heart-shaped sugar cookies come in a decorate bag with 3 cookies. Suggested donation is $5 per bag.

Pick-ups available only on Saturday Feb. 13th. Pick-ups will be in the middle of Albuquerque (exact location emailed to you after you place your order) Deadline for pick-up orders is Feb

I can ship sugar cookies, but not the cupcakes. If you want sugar cookies shipped – the deadline for those orders is Feb 4th. They will be shipped on Feb 6th, which should give plenty of time for delivery before Valentine’s day. You will have to reimburse me for actual shipping costs on top of your donation to Sprouting Compassion.

To place an order, please fill out this form: https://positivelinks.wufoo.com/…/sweets-for-your…/

Supplies are limited, so get your order in ASAP.

Another year is here…
a fresh start. Happy New Year.

This past year has been… unbelievable …our drama and suspense is the stuff of epic fiction… of cinematic-blockbusters; but …it’s real. Who -during the winter celebrations of 2019- imagined that we would wake up in 2020’s New Year’s Day, to a year that would bring relentless and persistent horror, like “a nightmare come to life.” Society-culture, as we knew it, has changed forever; and, hopefully, for the better. When I hear people wishing to get “back to normal,” I think to myself, “We are not getting ‘back to normal.’ ” Who wants that anyway? Not me. Our “skewed sense of normal” is the bus-of-behaviors, that drove us here.

The 2020 global crisis of the Corona Virus Pandemic, speaking positively, has created a potent opportunity to propagate veganism. Animals are going to be “under the microscope” in 2021, as the world of humans is being shocked, into taking a serious look at: food-choices; and humane-ness.

Humanity, for centuries, has had bad-habits …of destruction and disregard for the planet and for animals. Now, the consequences are falling upon us, hard. Our global-symptoms range far and wide: climate-change; natural eco systems – gone; increasing frequency of zoonotic diseases—diseases transferred from animals to humans (eating animals leads to pandemics).

Our needs and dangers are apocalyptic. We are at the crossroads of a new world. And the list is long, for opportunities to heal.

Veganism addresses all the many problems affecting us, these days. Vegans are the leading example, for the world; and, it appears, the world is ready to listen. I can feel that our past vegan efforts, have prepared us for this time.

Working-together is the way to “do-it;” so, sharing posts on social media, with your family and friends, is …awesome. I love to wear clothing & masks that are, basically, a vegan billboard\marquee. How ‘bout those vegan food shares …mmm …I also love how deliciously …vegan food can taste. Spread the love, in every way.

Remember, we are not “picked up” by major news syndicates or newspapers; therefore, vegans must do and be the advertisement for veganism.

Other good ideas: signing vegan-legislation-petitions; supporting vegan businesses\events; sharing vegan stories and testimonies; and so on.

Here’s a little anecdote. Nearly a decade ago, when I began advocating for veganism -here in New Mexico- the general public, that I encountered, scarcely knew the word ‘vegan.’ I found myself, giving the definition, repeatedly. Nowadays, it seems that the word ‘vegan’ is living in more people’s vocabulary …thanks to the efforts of local, national, and international vegans …bearing fruit. Our global network is sprouting into a mighty green miracle.

I pray for: peace and veganism throughout the world; and the happiness of all living beings, human and nonhuman alike. May there be, respect for all.

Veganism is the future, and the future is here.

These times are burdened by uncertainty, …certainly.  The shining-light that has come from this pandemic?… eating animals, equals pandemics.  Herein, we have a chance to educate more individuals; and, perhaps, they may rethink:  how & what… they eat.  At this time, …due to CoViD-19… there is an increased momentum for meatless dining.  Calamity is unfortunate; but, since it is here, perhaps an equally beneficial consequence will follow… may the seriousness of our present momentum, sad as it is, be the tour de force that swings us into a vegan world.

Adhering to pandemic protocols, is not subject to personal preference.  Essentially, pandemic protocols are no different than speed-laws on the highway.  Yes, someone -other than you- made a ruling that is inconvenient for you.    Obey the ruling… do it for your land… do it for your people… do it for your own karmic self-respect (what you do unto others, will be done unto you).  The more frequently masks are seen in public, the more worthy the ruling will appear; and, our citizenry will feel more safely-unified, due to socially-common customs.  Please wear the mask & gloves; play the game of social distancing… do it for us, your neighbors… the friendly ones, who will give you space to change lanes, so you can make your exit, and be on-time, somewhere.  Less ME, more WE.  Together… we can get through this.  Together… we are stronger.